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Ed Sheeran - "I See Fire" Music Video (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)
The Hobbit 2 the desolation of smaug music video is finally done! inspired by the movie and song...

Terry's Live Music Show #3a - Space Music Deluxe!
Today's show - the Space Music Challenge! Well, this should be an easy one! (Especially with TWO...

My Music Artist ProShow Presentation
This is my favorite music artist.

Deric Ruttan, Jason Blaine - 2014 SOCAN Awards - Country Music Award
Rusty Gaston, Vivian Barclay, Deric Ruttan and Jason Blaine expressing their gratitude and thanks...

Technofiles: Music, Technology & the Entrepreneur
Panos Panay discusses the intersection of creativity, technology and business. Case Rae discusses...

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